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IT Solutions

Brainwave Business Consultants offers complete IT solutions working with the latest communications technologies to meet your business goals. Our dedicated team of consultants use combination of experience, technology, and advice to design procedures helping your business start, grow and maximize its potential to the fullest. We help businesses reduce cost and errors, making them more efficient and productive.

Brainwave Business Consultants delivers a complete range of brand and IT solutions and services including logo, stationery, website design, development, eMarketing and electronic point of sale (EPoS).

We strongly believe in investing on development programs to meet the cutting edge and ever-changing technologies, resulting in customer retention and satisfaction. We work directly with you to determine the best product fit based on your business needs, current technology, infrastructure, industry requirements, and budget.

Logo Design

Brainwave Business Consultants specialises in professional logo designs, stationery design, and complete branding solution for small, medium and large enterprises. Our team of professional designers create high quality company logos, custom logos, and business logos to enhance the image of the company. Our service also includes graphic designs for brochures, flyers, direct mailers, product package, stickers and many more.

We have a team of dedicated consultants who guide you in the creative process, making it simple, straight forward and hassle free. We help you communicate and stand out from the competition creating distinctive tone for your brand; and we do this by giving your client the right information helping your company stand out from the competitors.

Brainwave Business Consultants’ design solution is affordable, fast and reliable, and we are confident about the quality of our design.

Web Design

People generally judge a book by its cover, and it goes the same for website design. Visitors coming to your site immediately make decision if this is the correct place to invest their time and money at. We, at Brainwave Business Consultants design custom websites from simple static websites to a full eCommerce business solution.

We design your website with professional appearance ensuring that your visitors do not have difficulty accessing the website. We take care of the critical factors such as functionality, usability, interactivity, conversion driving, and compatibility of your website on all major browsers.

Most of our clients come to us to revamp their website due to technical negligence and lack of latest web design methodologies that web presence requires. We design websites according to the latest standards, SEM, online and offline marketing to generate the desired results.


eCommerce is a short for electronic commerce. It is a web process to buy, sell, distribute, or market products and services, and the transfer of funds online through electronic networks. Our eCommerce websites contain necessary functionality to ensure that business needs are fully met. You may choose to have features like personal accounts, shopping cart, ability to process credit cards, online product catalogue, bulk email program, statistics tracking, shipping transportation, etc.

Brainwave Business Consultants’ gives you the benefit of conducting an online business which is cheaper in upfront cost, creates open opportunity and help establish relationships with potential customers and businesses.

We take your business seriously, and make our best effort to attract, engage and effectively convert your visitors into potential customers and clients. And all of this requires well understanding of web development, marketing, and art of tapping into human behaviour.


Brainwave Business Consultants deploy the latest eMarketing technologies into a comprehensive online marketing strategy to provide custom solution for your business. We help you build customer relationship and brand credibility in cheaper cost and less time providing great opportunity to market your business successfully.

We work with eMarketing strategies such as, PPC (pay per click adverts), banner adverts, email marketing campaigns, rich media products, SEO (search engine optimization), affiliate programs, link generation, viral marketing campaigns, etc.

Brainwave Business Consultants manages your eMarketing campaign according to budget requirements, and various options available for your business. Our team of consultants help you in analysing your business marketing needs within your budget, and create custom solution to boost social presence of your website.

Point of Sale Solution

Brainwave Business Consultants offers EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) solutions to the retail and hospitality industry. Our designs are created and manufactured to produce complete and effective solutions for retailers and brands, resulting in increase of sales. We offer full service for your requirements and continuously evolve our procedure to remain at the forefront of our industry.

Our team of professionals are well aware of retailers, brands and consumers, and design specific solution to suit your business needs. Our EpoS system is simple, innovative, and easy to understand providing faster trading information and analysis, stock management, and informed purchasing, to deliver ideal retail business solutions.

Our EPoS solution is affordable for all businesses. It helps improve your business profitability, lower operational cost, improve sales and increases customer retention. It tracks inventory to give you instant insight of goods moving in and out, and what needs to be reordered. The system can processes customer credit card and transactions providing accurate tally of sales.


  • Brainwave does a fantastic job for us. I highly recommend Brainwave to anyone looking for a reliable professional outsourcing service all I have to do is pick up the phone.

    Mark Cole, Thames Steel London

  • I was recommended by friend to speak to Brainwave about setting up my own limited company. From forming the company, advising on the strategic Tax planning, the flat rate VAT scheme and PAYE even advice on my contract, company car, I would have to say that they couldn’t have made the process simpler! I’ve got peace of mind from the fact I can contact them at any point during the year for advice and guidance. What’s more all that is for fixed annual fee.

    Khalid Butt (IT Contractor)

  • Brainwave Business Consultants really have taken the stress out of an area that used to be such a concern. Now I don’t mind someone mention the world Accounts.

    Tamil Selvi (Rainbow Convenience) Portsmouth

  • I really like working with Brainwave, we are great team. I find everyone I deal with helpful and they are always on hand need anything, which is very re-assuring.

    Mohammad Adnan (Assure Cars) Slough

  • Brainwaves Business Consultants responds to my problem quickly, efficiently and completely. I would recommend them strongly.

    Hepal Ashokbhai Patel (Everyday Convenience store) Portsmouth

  • Brainwave were the only Health & Safety consultant to come in and say this is what we do and this is how we can help you and that’s how it has been ever since.

    Manpreet Singh Dhingra (Saffron d’ Or) London